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The Need for Kindness


Hate seems to be the currency of the day, so much so that it seems our world is filled with it, poisoned by it. Some hid their hate in the pursuit of TRUTH, or PROTECT themselves and their family from something, but hate is usually a byproduct of what is truly inside a person. Yes we all spew hate from time to time, after all we are human, I am talking about the sustained hatred that poisons one’s soul and those around them, robbing both of true life. The good news is there is a cure…kindness.

I find it interesting that in this passage God choose to bind kindness to truth. “Do not let kindness AND truth leave you.” It seems we are not asked to give up truth, we are asked to bind it, partner it with kindness.

With this bound kindness and truth comes a promise, “you will find favor and good repute In the sight of God and man.”

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